Wednesday, 10 July 2013

You Know Life Sucks When...

When you break your favourite coffee cup and can't buy a new one for 3 fricken days...

When you can't find the storyline notes because the renovations are taking too long, and you have no clue where you stacked the pile of spiral notebooks that you need.

When you can find every other CD that you own except the one you are damn looking for, (seriously if anyone out there knows what the hell I've done with my Placebo CD: Without You I Am Nothing... let me know).

When you step in a puddle and realise you must have a split in the sole because you socks get all wet.

& finally (now this will make you all laugh): When you go to feed the birds and a fricken galah shits on your head... not once, but three times...


  1. Poor baby! Did you look in the car? How about in the CD player? Might try looking under the couch cushions. Don't know what a galah, assuming it's some sort of bird, but that really calls for a double shampoo. Hope the rest of your week is better but you know there is a story amongst all the crap happening to you.

    1. Thank you... I have searched all of those places usually I upload everything to my iPod and use that every where so the damn CD should have been sitting on the shelf with the rest of my Placebo CD's. I know my kiddo and hubs would move them as they are not fans of the group... A galah is a pretty grey and pink wild bird that lives in Australia - I have a picture of one on my blog somewhere.

      this will show you what they look like they are the second from the top. Mind you I now have over 200 of the wood ducks and about 70 galahs. Luckily my 3 cats don't bother them and they leave my cats alone.