Monday, 15 July 2013

Weekend Off - Well Mostly.

I had no computer time over the weekend, (well on Saturday I did a quick run through of all emails), but then I shut down so I could spend the day with Emily watching DVD's... I can't even remember what we watched - I think it was The Avengers and the Iron Man movies... Though I did take Sunday off completely and slept the day away... I needed the sleep.

I also wrote in long hand while watching these movies on Saturday, because the voices in my head won't shut the hell up. The character's for The Lines Of Marsden want book 2: Living in Shadows done and submitted. Apparently, they also wanted a major re write so that is what I've been doing.

Also on Saturday I wrote a bit on Walk This Way - I was supposed to be writing this story for the whole weekend but TLOM just took over. Apparently, they want the next instalment of their story told. Though at some stage in the early hours of Sunday morning I had another plot jump into my head and had to get the start of it down. This story revolves around a band called: Darkest Days... I have no title as yet, but I was thinking something along the line of Truly, Madly, Deeply... but this name could change if I think of a better one.

Also Cinders O has the first 10 chapters of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows to see if I have left major holes... Hopefully there won't be too many.

10 bits of information on the story line. 

1: Thus far I have brought characters into the story line earlier than I had originally intended.
2: Doyle has more of a presence in this book.
3: Gypsy has decided to make her own path in the story away from what I had planned but I think she is right and it works way better
4: Benj decided he din't want to have to wait for his time and wanted in now.
5: Sebastian is learning he is not the baddest of the the bad out there.
6: Michael is learning words said in haste have a weird way of being true.
7: Not everyone is who they appear to be.
8: The past is definitely coming back to bite some people on the arse, especially Christian and Benj.
9: Jaffa and Maffa will make a strong impact on how Michael's vampire family sees themselves.
10: There is more in the world than Michael ever thought possible.

Oh Yeah, I also just subbed Windblown Kisses: My Knight in Tarnished Armour to Silver Publishing...


  1. Working on the far so
    I know I am getting just a little pissy with peeps being mean to Michael...:)


    1. Babe, Michael gets his own back... as you can tell by chaps 9 & 10 Michael is holding his own... in 11 & 12 we start to see Michael change a tad - as soon as I have it typed up I will get it to the beta and then you.