Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Unexpected Twists In The Story...

I was writing in long hand last night, and this version of The Lines Of  Marsden: Living In Shadows, has taken a twist that I never expected - Doyle has gone missing, and Michael is about to lose it big time to get him back even if that means tearing apart the whole of Great Britain to do so - I pity the dumbarses that took him as Michael wrath has got everyone running scared.

With the help of Gabrial R I have found some awesome places which actually have Marsden in the name so I'm going to work a few of them into the story in future books. 

I have to admit... Living In Shadows, has been a long time in coming - even though I've had the story written for over a year  - it just didn't feel right to me, and hence the re write and now this direction seems to be in a better place... I took the advice from the editor Kimberly B on the first TLOM book and made it a bit more gutsier.

Fingers crossed you all think so as well, and  you all like where the story is headed... On that note I must away as I have some more writing to do.


  1. OMFG WOW!!! you are gonna give me a heart attack...Good leeerrrdddd AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

    LOL love ya and I am sure this is a twist that we are going to love the out come I hope...NO CHEATING!!!


    1. Seeing as you get to see the story as it is written - LOL - you are well aware that there is no cheating (seeing as if it who I think it is they have broken up)mind you, that may still be in the long hand notes... that you haven't read yet.