Monday, 22 July 2013


Well the Reno's are coming along nicely... we painted over the weekend - well only the undercoat but we are getting there. The hubs was home for a couple of days so we got as much done as possible the next stint will involve assembling the shelves... So my poor computer has been covered in a sheet to keep the dust out for the weekend.

Though of a night while the hubs watched T.V. I sat up with him and wrote out in long hand chapters 13 & 14 in The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows...

This is the part where everything changes for Michael... the dreams are all starting to come true.Yes even the one about Christian breaking his heart.

Also Christian is finding out more about his past and how nothing is actually like he thought it was.

Benj and Michael have to learn to work together even though they have a tendency to disagree on exactly who Christian should be with.

And Doyle, well he has his own set of issues he has to come to terms with.

I have received and started on the first round of edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse. Luckily my editor Steve L, explains shit so I can understand it. and once I have done the minor cosmetic things in the storyline I will go back through and add the expanded explanations he says are needed (which I totally agree with - I have a tendency to forget not everyone is a mind reader and can see what's on the inside of my brain).


  1. You are right not everyone is a mind reader but something's are just a fact...I am happy your "Reno's" are coming along.. ldk what they are but...
    Happy to hear the updates.


    1. Babe, reno's is short for renovations (the office/library). I totally agree people should know the difference just by their name - but SL is also right and I should differentiate them so they have some character differences... I am only adding one scene - when they discover what Dean is...