Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Getting My Shit Together #3

This is some of my mum's chicken collection... when I show more photo's you'll probably be able to see more of them. As much as I bitch about them (because I gave up my dragon collection for her chickens when we moved house) they actually look pretty good littered throughout the house. And if the truth be told─I think I bought her most of the ornaments.

This is  my kitchen. don't mind the dishes in the draining rack. I swear they're clean. I just didn't feel like wiping them up and putting them away after lunch. The watermelon is not mine as I don't eat them. It belongs to my mum and my brother they can figure out who gets how much. We'll split it after Ted finishes work and he will take his home. What they don't eat will be fed to the chickens... real ones... Ted and Delmae have pet chickens at their house.

This is Mum's bedroom (she's just about to turn 85)─this room is still a work in progress, so I'll update this picture at some stage for you all to see. I'll show my bedroom off more fully after I get rid of the crap on my bedside table─stuff to go to the op-shop and some to go into the spare room storage when I buy it (mainly excess office supplies).

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