Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pride Plan

Even though there is only a small amount of books here it doesn’t mean that this will be the end of my time with Pride. It just means once I get to the end of the lists for this publisher I’ll be able to think about submitting different stories and series. there will still be 3 more in The Connelly Chronicles, and 4 more in the Destiny House series.

Wardens of the Guild 2: All That Shimmers 01/01—27/01
Wardens of the Guild 3: Heart Strings 29/01—23/02
The Connelly Chronicles 3: Because Of You 24/02—04/05
Wardens of the Guild 4: Gilded Cages 05/05—02/06
Destiny House 1: Saving Shane 02/06—29/06
Destiny House 2: Needing Norman 30/06—27/07

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