Tuesday, 31 January 2017

It's All About Me

I'm not dieting per-se, I've more just changed my eating habits... trying to eat a little healthier... You see I have a thyroid problem, which I must admit I think okay so I'm fat... nothing I can do about that━hello TP (thyroid problem). But no longer. I may have trouble losing weight because I have said TP, but I can always control what goes in my mouth.

The hardest part is I gave up Coke Zero in this past week, and have the headaches to prove it, but that could be more because I always get migraines. I just found it was starting to taste funny, so that's a sign that it needs to go for a while.

Anyway about a week ago I started eating healthier ... I started at 106.1 KG (233.91 Lb) and in a week I dropped to 104.2 KG (229.72 Lb) I'll keep you updated periodically. My brother says he's going to keep me on track... meaning he'll make sure I don't start drinking CZ again and asking if I did my exercises (Which I can't do until he puts my TV up on the wall in my bedroom for me)... I suppose is a good idea as it makes me more determined to prove him wrong. Not that I'm saying he'll think I'll fail...LOL... but he's family and they are allowed to take the piss out of me.

So I'm now asking you all to help keep me on track as well. I turn 48 on 2 February. So I'm trying to get healthier before I turn 50. I think two years is a great goal time frame... Feel free to join in this health kick with me... leave me a message or PM me on Facebook and I'll help keep track on you as well. we can have weekly catch-ups. We can share tips & recipes... We can also bitch about what we find difficult and it will just be between us.

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  1. I'm in NJ... I need the motivation! Love, your favourite niece (not giving up yhe Pepsi Max though)