Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Name Changes & Other Things

Okay, the story formerly known as; I Couldn't Care Less What You Think is now called; Trying Not To Love You. I'm still planning to have this written and to the beta readers by the weekend. I've made it to 15K.

The wonderful Lex Valentine will be sending me the the proper files for this book cover later today, but I needed to share. Just because I'm so happy with the results... If you ever need a cover made seriously check out Lex, and her work at  Winterheart Designs.

Now that all the fricken public holidays are over I can go and get my head shaved again. I have about half an inch all over my head and it's driving me nuts.

I can't tell you how good it feels to be writing again. After being basically sick for the first three months of the year, and then with all that's happened this month. I felt like it was then end, and I'd never write another word--lucky for me I was totally fricken wrong. The weird thing is I seem to be writing faster than ever, and my head is a lot more clearer...Let's hope I can keep it up for the rest of this year at least.


  1. Love the beautiful cover. I want it now! Lol

  2. Lex V is very talented.... I'm still waiting to hear back from Wayward Ink (got an email today saying I should know within a week... Also still waiting to hear back from Totally Bound... getting nervous now.