Friday, 25 April 2014

Why Is It?

I seriously want to know... Why is it when I start looking for tax stuff I always end up finding every one of my missing/misplaced/misfiled notebooks filled with book/story notes? I ended up having to go through everything and surprised myself by what I found... and nothing of it had to do with the taxes. So stuffed if I know where all that crap ended up.

But on the upside my office looks a hell of a lot cleaner. Even though I know the BAS has to be done... I'm cleaning more so I don't have to sit down and work on my Goodreads story Trying Not To Love You... Seriously, I like this story so I don't want it to end just yet and I know if I finish typing up the long-handed notes then the story will be over. I promise to pull my big girl panties on and finish it next week. Mind you I'll work on it some this arvo and will probably get close to the 20K mark.

other than that I'm trying to decide on what to work on once I have finished Toowoomba Boys 3: Dancing With Demons... I have almost finished that story as well... I've completed it in long-hand, I just have to finish typing everything up... Graham & Damon want their story to be finally told. So if there is anything you want to read from my series just let me know so I can pull it out and work on whatever you choose. 

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