Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Yesterday I finally finished the synopsis on the four remaining books in The Connelly Chronicles... thought my brain would burst, but they're now done and sent back to Faith B-B at Totally Bound. The good part is I now have a baseline for when I get around to writing these books... I'll add them to my spread sheets so I don't lose anything... Faith says I should hear back by the weekend... So keep your fingers crossed.

I'm back to finishing off the Goodreads--Don't Read In The Closet 2014 story for Love's Landscape: Trying Not To Love You. I hope to have this finished by this afternoon or by tomorrow and then I can send it off to my beta readers to take a look see before I send it to Sue M.

After that is done I'll spend the next four days finishing off the Toowoomba Boys: Dancing with Demons and submit that to Christie N at MLR. Once I have these done I can worry about the rest.

Also in talks with Bronwyn Heeley about co-writing a series of novellas together...I'm sure we'll both keep you updated as our plans come together. you can check her out here at her blog:  Unrandom Randomness. All I can tell you for right now it'll be of paranormal content.

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