Friday, 18 April 2014

What I'm Working On Today

1) Loving my new cover for Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood by the talented Deana J over at MLRPress.

2) Sending the full manuscript of The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections to Faith over at Totally Bound Publications = one step further up in the submission lines... so keep all your crossables crossed for me in a hope that it gets picked up.

3) Working on my spreadsheets for all my stories... I'm at the end of the major ones... just all the ones I haven't yet published to go.

4) Figuring out what to eat because it's Good Friday - so that means no meat for me... I'm thinking I nice vegetable soup or a vegetarian pasta - the rest of the family is having curried prawns.

5) And just for the heck of it I'm doing my washing... Oh the fun never ends.

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