Thursday, 10 April 2014


The first and best news is: my niece Cath is out of her coma and doing well... We can only hope that every day she gets a little better.

I've just received notice that my rights are converting back to me for two of my Silver Publishing releases...

1: A Moon Runner Christmas
2: One Last Kiss Goodbye

I'm thinking this would be  a great time to revise and lengthen both books... I'm so excited... there was so much I wanted to add - especially to A Moon-Runner Christmas. I've had so many requests from readers who want me to write more for that story and now I feel that I can.


  1. Mememe! Lol welcome back. Glad she is improving, how are the kids holding up? Your family are still in my prayers. I want book 2 in the moon runner series ...lmao I am bad

    1. The Kids are now staying in Brisbane so that they can see their mother every day... they are all doing great.

      LOL: you read my mind Cinders... I'm definitely going to fix this story and write more now that I know I can.