Saturday, 26 April 2014

OMG ~ What To Do?

Woke up this morning to some great if somewhat scary emails... 

Firstly: I had a wonderful email from Totally Bound asking me to supply synopsis for the rest of the stories in The Connelly Chronicles series. Not being a plotter.. I find this a tad scary, but I know I can do it. I'm just so glad that when I was cleaning the office yesterday I found all my missing story notes - let's hope there's something in there for TCC.

Secondly: The above email put on hold me writing the last 6K up of Trying Not To Love You... I'll have to start that up again on Monday.

Thirdly: Tomorrow morning at 7am Australian time I'm doing a one hour live chat at RGR on facebook, it's the first time I've ever done anything like this, so stop by if you can and ask me some questions.

Fourthly: How the hell do I get the smell of washing liquid off my hands? I was washing this morning when the bottle of detergent kind of slipped. I ended up with Radiant everywhere, and while trying to stop Droogie (my cat) from trying to lap it up I ended up smelling all sweet. Seriously the smell is starting to make me feel ill...LOL... trust me to try and overdose on clothes detergent.


  1. Fourthy - Have you tried scrubbing your hands with the juice of a fresh lemon? Or possibly vinegar? You could also make a paste of baking soda and put that on your hands.

    1. That is an awesome idea. My hubs ended up making me use this horrible yellow stuff they use in the construction company... it was almost as bad as the Radiant. After reading your idea's it made me remember that I had a Molly Dyes Home Remedy book which has a lot of home grown helpful hints.