Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Diamond Rose & Other Writing Notes.

Thoughts from inside the world of The Diamond Rose... I've been looking for cave entrances that look innocent or intriguing as they feature a lot in this story... some are inter-dimensional gateways while others are used for refuge or to hide something else.

The hardest part for me while writing is working out how long a story should be... Do readers like the longer  stories 70 - 100K? Or - Do you, the readers prefer the shorter Novella length 15 - 30K?

Also another question that plays on my mind so much is: Why do most publishers want American English? I know not all do, but it's frustrating as hell when you write in British/Australian English.

Since the whole first quarter of my year has been a chaotic mess; I'll have to go through and re-work  my WIP Schedule.


  1. Story length depends on the time I have to read it. Also, if I know there will be sequels, then shorter story length isn't all that bad. But I do like longer stories also. So both :)

    1. Thank you for your input... I have two series that are longer in length = between 70K & 110K in length and then the rest are in the 20K & 40K mark. I like writing both lengths - anything under 20K I kinda suck at.