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Sentinels Of Varnuse: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down # 12

# 12.
Mylo had a little trouble looking Consort Brayden in the eye, he still felt so guilty over braining the poor guy. It wasn’t helping that Javier was currently in panther form and growling loudly every time Mylo even looked to be heading in Consort Brayden's direction. It certainly wasn’t helping hoe everyone laughed at his predicament. It wasn’t as if he meant to hurt the consort. He was just reacting to the situation they had been in. This was a sparring match. Couldn’t they see it hadn’t been like he was trying to kill Consort Brayden or anything? He was grateful when Brayden finally spoke.

“Javier,” Brayden reached down and rubbed his hand across Javier’s pelt, and ended by gently tugging on his tail. “You need to turn back now, I’m safe. I swear to you that it’s okay to become you again—the human you.”

Javier yowled softly as if he was trying to explain that he didn’t know how to turn back. Mylo wondered if the prince even knew how he had transformed in the first place. For some strange reason Mylo thought that in this form Javier could see.


“Javier,” Talon crouched in front of the panther and grasped his head gently in his hands. Staring into the panthers eyes he spoke. “Are you having trouble returning to your form?”

Javier yowled again, finally someone understood his predicament. Javier rubbed against the fierce warrior’s face and shoulder. He liked the way he was able to leave his scent over the man. Javier liked letting everyone else know the warrior was his. Even if said warrior didn’t know that fact yet. His panther knew without a doubt Talon belonged to them. The panther side of him was ready to claim the warrior as their own. But Javier wasn’t sure whether Talon was ready for that to happen. Talon’s hands felt wonderful in his fur, and Javier couldn’t stop the purr that fell from him as he listened to what the warrior had to say.

“Javier, my prince. You need to remember what you looked like. Picture in your mind what you once were—picture your human form.”

“Umm, Talon, if he’s been blind since he was a child how is he going to remember what he looked like?” Mylo asked which elicited a growl from the Javier. He didn’t like the way Mylo was questioning his warrior. Mylo mustn’t have understood the growl as he continued “I’m just saying is all... I think you need to explain to him what he looked like.”

Ok that made sense to Javier. He could barely even remembered what he looked like as a child let alone what he looked like as a man.
Talon seemed to think for a moment before turning his attention back to the Javier’s panther. “Javier, in your mind picture beautiful long black hair falling to just below your shoulders. Picture pale blue eyes that have the ability to hold all who see them in a trance. Picture lips that are full and soft.” His panther pulled his head away from Talon’s hands and stared at his brother then looked back at Talon. “If you can see in this form then the answer is yes, little one. You resemble your brother greatly, though your features are softer... more...” the words seemed to escape Talon as he tried to explain how he saw Javier.

Closing his eyes Javier concentrated on who he imagined he was. The air around Javier felt like it shimmered. Then instead of a panther a very naked Javier was crouching in the arena. Talon appeared socked as Javier threw himself into the man’s arms, and pressed his face into Talon’s neck. He needed the closeness—the sense of safety Talon represented.

“Thank you,” Javier whispered as he felt cloth come around and cover his nakedness. Lifting his head he gazed around the arena and marvelled that once what was always total darkness was all in shades of grey. The same colourless vision he had while he had been in his animal form.

“Javier,” Brayden asked softly, “are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Javier pressed himself even further into Talon’s body. He held on tight for a moment before pulling away and staring up at the beautiful man before him. Javier reached up and traced the scare running down Talon’s face with gentle fingers. “You are so beautiful.”

Talon flinched at the contact. “You can see me?”

Javier nodded, “I see you, there’s no colour but I see you.”

Talon gasped. “Your eyes. They’ve changed.” Talon stared into Javier’s eyes, “Your pupils now resembled those of a feline, yet they were still the same beautiful shade of pale blue that they’ve always been. How is this even possible?”

“I don’t know.” Javier turned and looked at each person there in turn, and took in what the others saw every day. He was happy to give up colour if it meant that he could regain this partial sight. Losing his sight was something that he had always regretted. Now his sight was back he was going to cherish the gift that he’d just been given.


Brayden stared in amazement along with the rest of them at the transformation of Javier’s eyes. It wasn’t everyday someone got to witness a miracle, and in the last few months he had witnessed three. One: the return of his heart—Quinlan, Two: the return of the ancient ones in the form of his brother—Javier. Three: this miracle of Javier’s sight returning. These three things made him truly grateful he lived to witness it all. Everything happening made him wonder what else he was going to witness in the future. He sensed Quinlan was more than a little tense, and reached out to touch him. Hoping his touch could bring his husband peace.

He leant further into the contact when Quinlan wrapped his arms around him. He was grateful he was loved by such a wonderful man. He was also happy knowing he didn’t have to go through all of this all alone. Brayden hated being frightened of what they were going to encounter. The moment he woke to see his brother’s shifted form something deep inside him prowled to get out. Something deep down in the core of him wanted to be free. In that moment in time he could sense something trapped inside of him was tired of being locked away. Brayden was shit scared he was going to lose himself to the panther he now knew without a doubt lay within him. What would he do if his panther got free and hurt Quinlan? Or worse hurt the boys? Right now he wasn’t sure if he was ready to find out just what was going to happen. Yet he also knew without a doubt the choice would soon be taken from him, because his panther was crawling ever closer to the surface.

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